terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

Pan-African Forum

 Fonte: UNESCO

A Pan-African Forum jointly organized by UNESCO, the African Union Commission and the Government of the Republic of Angola will gather more than 300 experts. The goal of this Pan-African Forum is to harness Africa’s sources of inspiration and cultural, natural and human resources to establish concrete proposals for building and developing a sustainable peace. The Forum will examine the cultural, natural and human resources of Africa, taking into account that these three components are essential to creating an inclusive and holistic approach to the culture of peace. Peace being the cornerstone of endogenous development and Pan-Africanism. 

The Forum will be a milestone of the UNESCO’s “Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence” and the African Union Campaign "Make Peace Happen" aiming to mobilize all stakeholders—political and civil society. 

The Forum will examine cultural sources and resources: including the revisiting of the strenght and wisdom of languages, traditions and history by analysing traditional and modern methods of conflict resolution and violence prevention; examining the role of education-not just that which takes place in schools but one that plays out in families and villages-to build peaceful citizens that are driven by ethical values and mutual respect; enhancing creativity and cultural inventiveness, the same one that is able to open new horizons and spaces for dialogue, develop new economic sectors and serve as an engine for development.

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